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Of course, there are quite a few notes on the "Pros and cons of the Internet." Naturally, a lot of common sense is written there. But sometimes, in order to go a little deeper, you need to remember what is on the surface. So I'll probably start with a simple mediocrity. Which is obvious to almost everyone. Do you know how the Internet affects us? Therefore, let us first discern the beneficial nuances of the impact of the Internet on us.

What are the advantages and disadvantages? And how does the internet affect us?

Pros :
1. Other methods of earning.
2. Friends around the world.
3. Availability of knowledge.

We found out the positive side. Why not see the bad ones. This is where the "grandmother's" mode comes on.
"And in my time ..."
"It was better before"

So the disadvantages:
1. We are immersed in the unreal.
2. Tough advertising.
3. Minimum liability that results in bullying.
4. Whatever one may say, but the state of health is deteriorating.

You can continue to list it yourself, each has its own. But exercise is the key to a healthy body.
So, well, we get to grips with the basics of clichés. Now the fun begins.

How does the Internet affect us, our brains and our ability to think?

After all, this is a global share of our life, work and productivity. You can say that this is us, our personality.

So :

1. Receiving information in large quantities can lead to the loss of the normal ability to remember and remember.

When a person knows that he can access information via the Internet at any time. At the same time, without straining. That begins to retain information in memory a hundred times more terrible. All of this is addictive to the Internet. We only remember the order in which we receive information. But not its meaning. You can find out more about this effect in the Wiki.

2. An extremely great flow of information.

Numerous flow of information and knowledge from the Internet. And also the inability to clean and design them. They fundamentally affect our perception of reality. The brain becomes entangled in the readings and sometimes produces non-existent memories.

3. Lack of stimulation.

Including the worst low-quality teaching will induce us to think about it. Building your intelligence is not a school or college. And the brain work performed here and now. For a person who surfs the Internet all the time without developing the brain, sometimes it is not easy to understand the most elementary. He does not want to read and become a master in some business.

Everything in life must be put into practice. In order for the brain to endure all the hardships, think, develop and flourish, it must be constantly watered and nourished. In order for a person to survive, one needs to improve the mind. This is very basic. You need to move in a different direction, use skills in real life. Don't be afraid to try and start. The Internet is forced to become a tool for us to achieve our goals. Not the meaning of existence. Then everything will be correct and in its place.

How does the internet affect us?


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