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Twice a year recruits are recruited for military service in all regions of Ukraine. To begin with, theory is little needed. Protecting the homeland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine is a constitutional duty of recruited Ukrainians. This procedure is governed by Art. 65 of the Constitution and Part 1 of Art. 1 of the Law of Ukraine «On Military Service and Military Duty». Recruitment to the military commissariat and enlistment in the army are part of military service.

Did you serve in the army?

Recruitment in Ukraine is carried out in order to prepare recruits for the defense of their country. As well as staffing not only the armed forces, but also the recruitment of the National Guard, the Border Guard Service and the Special State Transport Service. As well as other army formations and law enforcement agencies.

Who is to be recruited? Did you serve in the army?

The age of recruitment in Ukraine in 2020 is set at 18-27 years. Thus, recruits of this age group. According to the results of the medical commission, those who are recognized fit for military service and have no grounds for transfer or discharge from the army must serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We will remind, by 2020 young people older than 20 years were subject to a set.

What is the term of service in the Ukrainian army?

According to Article 23 of the Law «On Military Service and Military Service», the term of service in the army is:
18 months – for recruits who do not have higher education
12 months – for recruits

What if you have a subpoena? Did you serve in the army?

Under Ukrainian law, recruits who have received a summons from the military registration and conscription service. Must arrive at the recruiting station within the period specified in the summons. At the same time, the Law stipulates that not receiving a summons for any reason is not a reason to ignore the summons. So, once the new recruitment is announced in the country, the recruits have 10 days to volunteer at the military commissariat.

Only cases of force majeure can be considered significant reasons for non-attendance at the military registration and enlistment office: natural disaster, serious illness of the military, death of a close relative (parents, wife, child, siblings, grandparents) or a close relative of the wife. Any other reasons are not significant enough and can be equated with the flight of the army.

So how? Did you serve in the army?


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